About Robyn

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  I love human interaction. There is nothing in life more important to me than genuine, authentic relationships. As far back as I can remember I have been fascinated  with philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and creativity, and of particular interest is how these various approaches to understanding consciousness intersect. In my view psychotherapy is all about this intersection.

There are several factors that drew me to the world of psychotherapy. Like many therapists I come from a highly dysfunctional family and my first introduction to this field was as a client. I fell in love with what psychotherapy was, and ever more, with what it could be. Also, I had a life long fascination for Jungian Psychology. Before even considering becoming a therapist I had slowly, over many years, poured over the writings of Dr. Jung.

Then in the late nineteen eighties I returned to school to study music and discovered music therapy. After earning a BA in music therapy I spent the next 8 years working in Psychiatric hospitals. This was a rich experience. In those 8 years I gained experience in addictions, eating disorders, depression, grief, PTSD, gender Identity disorder, LGBTQ issues, family therapy, and people dealing with extreme states.

Working with addictions is one area that led to my passion for working with couples. Addiction is a family disease. Everyone around the person dealing with addiction is affected by this disease. Quite often marriages are pushed to the edge and beyond because of addictions. I found that I loved helping relationships recover when someone entered into recovery.

I left working in hospitals to pursue an MA in Transperson Counseling Psychology, which is a mindful, somatic approach to psychotherapy. While earning my MA at Naropa University I was employed as a music therapist in hospice. I continued to work for hospice for another 5 years after graduation as I simultaneously built my practice in psychotherapy.

During this period I went to study with Dr. Betty Cannon at The Boulder Psychotherapy Institute, earning certification in Gestalt Therapy, and Applied Existential Psychotherapy (AEP). I am now a primary trainer  at the institute, teaching classes in AEP. 

I invite you into the room with me, all of you, including the aspects of yourself that you may have difficulties with. Therapy is a form of play where one experiments with ways of being. In doing this you begin to discover and ultimately let go of what is getting in the way of having a full rich and joyful life. You will discover a multitude of choices of how to approach life and relationships. You will find the opportunity to step into your freedom. This leads to more openness, presence, and creativity

When I am not in the world of psychotherapy, I engage in my other passions;

Music- I play the French horn in a community orchestra. In 2016 I had the privilege of touring China with The Denver Philharmonic.

Gardening- I love digging in the dirt, growing flowers and vegetables.

Hiking- It is why I stayed in Colorado after grad school.

Cooking- a previous career.

Friends- doing anything with friends is wonderful! For me, life is all about deep connections.