For Change To Take Place A Relational Home Is Necessary

I would like to tell you about my practice. I offer a warm, relaxed environment for exploring what may be difficult issues. It is my belief that your wisdom combined with my experience and openness can lead to a life of more joy and freedom.

I have been working with individuals, couples, and groups in the counseling psychotherapy field since 1994. It has been a privilege and joy to watch so many couples find their way back to intimacy, so many individuals find relief in what may be tormenting them, so many others find joy and fulfillment in their lives.

My approach to therapy is client-centered. I draw from humanistic psychology, somatic psychotherapy, existential psychology and philosophy, gestalt therapy and psychodynamic theories. Which simply means I work with the body, choices, and meaning making.

I invite you into the room with me, all of you, including the aspects of yourself that you may have difficulties with. Therapy is a form of play where one experiments with ways of being. In doing this you begin to discover and ultimately let go of what is getting in the way of having a full rich and joyful life. You will discover a multitude of choices of how to approach life and relationships. You will find the opportunity to step into your freedom. This leads to more openness, presence, and creativity.

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Couples Counseling

For the past 25 years I have been helping many couples reignite the spark in their relationships.

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Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Is the most common reason for seeking therapy

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Depression Treatment

80% of those seeking treatment for depression show improvement within 6 weeks

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